Glider Pets

Glider Pets

We have been raising sugar gliders since 2002. We are a U.S.D.A. certified breeder. We have regular vet inspections and have a climate controlled environment for our gliders only.

We breed ALL the gliders we sell!

We only sell sugar gliders 7+ weeks out of the pouch. All babies are well socialized and hand tamed joeys. We have a full line of glider supplies and a knowledgeable staff who can assist you and your new baby.
We breed normal and color variations (creme-ino, white-face blondes, white tips, ringtails, mosaic, platinum and leucistic ). We are also working on new variations.
We have spent many years learning, breeding, and assisting other breeders, educating vets on the proper care and husbandry. We have twenty-five years of exotic animal experience including training, breeding, bottle feeding and hand raising our animals. We believe our long years of experience count for much of our knowledge. Most believe in quantity, we believe in quality.

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The water's great at Glider Pets! We have lots of babies coming up.

Creme-Inos, Leucistics, Caramels, Platinums, Mosaics, White-Face, White-Tips and lots of Hets. Standard Greys are also available.

Watch for new variations we are working with !!! New colors never before seen !!

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