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Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions

S & S Exotic Animals, Inc. (Glider Pets) guarantees a live arrival on your sugar gliders. We guarantee that our animals will arrive alive and in outwardly good health.

Please inspect your animal(s) within 4 hours of arrival. We must be notified within 4 hours of any shipment as to the nature of your issue. If an animal does arrive in unsatisfactory condition, please e-mail us a picture of the animal and a full description of what is wrong. We are very easy to work with and want you to be happy. We have never had any issues with airline shipping.

S & S Exotic Animals, Inc. (Glider Pets) will never knowingly ship an animal to any city, county or state where that animal is not allowed by law. It is up to you, the buyer, to fully know your local laws and regulations.

S & S Exotic Animals, Inc. (Glider Pets) is not responsible for any veterinary expenses if one of the animals we sell falls ill. If you take any animal to a veterinarian, you do so completely at your own expense.

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