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A neutered male is the perfect cage mate.

Neutering eliminates testicular cancer and reduces the development of scent glands on their head and chest.  This will cause the male to have less “smell” and tends to make males less aggressive.  

Sugar gliders can be prolific breeders producing joeys 2 or 3 times a year. Offspring need to be separated from parents at an early age so you will need lots of time to take care of them, lots of cages and a license. Breeding for the purpose of selling or giving away the babies requires a USDA license.  To obtain a license, please contact the USDA at the following link:

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Regis and Cragen’s baby neutered caramel boy!

Regis and Cragen’s baby neutered caramel boy!

        Regis and Cragen have a good looking baby neutered male caramel 100% het for crème-ino glider that was out of the...

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