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leucistic.jpgLeucistic sugar gliders are solid white with black eyes. This color variation is produced by recessive genes which means that both parents must have the leucistic gene. What’s fascinating is that a glider can have the gene for the color leucistic, but be a standard gray. When you see a sugar glider description that includes 100% het for leucistic, that’s what we are talking about. If you want to breed for the leucistic color, the standard pairing would be one that is a leucistic (like the ones listed here) and a sugar glider that is 100% het for leucistic.

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Lew and Gayle’s little male leucistic!

Lew and Gayle’s little male leucistic!

        Lew and Gayle have a stunning baby male leucistic glider that was out of the pouch on 12/20/16.  His parents are Lew...

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