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Indonesia Part 2

Suzette Goes To Indonesia

part 2


Upon receiving my first sugar gliders in October 2009, the first thing we noticed was the remarkable colors.  They are so different from anything we already have here in the United States.  They are more beautiful than I could remember when I actually saw them in Indonesia.  They are very caramel in color plus their faces are almost like the white face sugar gliders we already have.  They also have white hands which is pretty cool.  These sugar gliders are believed to originate from Merauke on the island of Irian Jaya.

We also received some sugar gliders that were naturally born white tip.  These sugar gliders are believed to originate from Nabire on the island of Irian Jaya.

One thing that we observed upon the arrival of our new gliders was that they were terrified of mealworms.  They didn’t know what to make of the mealworms.  It was almost comical.  I think mealworms are something we introduced to them as part of their diet but not something that they commonly have in the wild.  We thought this was very interesting.

They actually loved crickets and would glide across the cage to catch them.  This was quite a show.
We also noticed that the Merauke caramel glider’s temperament was much sweeter than most gliders.  It’s like they had no fear of humans.  They never crabbed or anything!!

The Nabire white tip sugar gliders seemed to be more nervous and more startled than the caramels.

The caramels were much bigger in size than the gliders already here in the U.S.  It could be due to different locales.  Their tails are much thicker than the gliders we already have.

We will be adding them to our breeding program after a 30 day quarantine and adjustment period.
Hopefully, we will have babies to offer soon from both the Merauke and Nabire sugar gliders.  We are very excited about the new colors and introducing them with our other sugar gliders.  The possibilities are endless!!


To be continued...

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