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Indonesia Part 4

Merauke Caramel & Nabire Sugar Gliders

Part 4


This is a long overdue update on our Merauke caramel sugar gliders.


     We were the original importers of this amazing caramel sugar glider.  After working with the caramel line for almost 2 years now, we believe they are absolutely the best gliders ever.

     We have been introducing the Merauke caramel gliders into our other lines.  We have developed a caramel.jpgnumber of really cool lines like the caramel mosaic glider.  The caramel mosaic gliders are very big and beautiful with the greatest temperament.  They are like little “Teddy Bears.”  We have also added our caramels into the crème-ino, white-face and leucistic lines as well.  Of course, this will be a longer process since they are only producing hets so far.  The hets are normal looking but are much larger in size than normal babies.  We will continue working with the caramel sugar gliders for years to come.

     The caramel sugar gliders that we raise are all strong producing lines.  We have heard rumors about there being sterile lines but all of ours have reproduced without question. We’re not sure if this comes from crossing the caramels with other lines that are sterile but as we stated, all of our caramel gliders have reproduced.  We have several top breeders that we are currently working with who are helping us to further the line of this wonderful glider.

     We have developed a very strong caramel line.  We are on the 3rd generation and have also produced lots of beautiful crosses as well.  We are now heading into the 4th generation of these magnificent animals.

     We are now starting to work with the red eyed caramel or carmino sugar glider as well.  This glider is carmino.jpgalso bigger and has the same wonderful personality.  These will not be for sale for awhile but we will keep you updated.

     We are also working with a new Nabire sugar glider that has a yellow tail and/or yellow face.  They seem to have a much rounder head and look like little “Bulldogs.”  They are also a very sweet glider.  These will not be for sale for awhile because we just recently started working with them.  We currently have 4 babies but we started with 5 original pairs.  This line will take a nabire.jpglittle longer to get going since we have a limited number of pairs.  We also want to be very careful in keeping the blood lines pure for these.

     Another sugar glider we are working with is the Sorong glider.  They are much darker than normal gliders and even darker than some of the black beauty lines.  Some have super sorong.jpgdark bellies with a large white spot or spots.  Some have dark knuckles.  A lot of them have black on the face around the mouth area and some have black under the chin.  They are just extremely different.  They are a super, super dark line.


     We will continue to work with these lines to produce awesome morphs and dispositions for sugar gliders.  If you have any questions, please call us at 281-590-0426 and ask for Suzette.  She will be more than happy to speak with you about her well-beloved sugar gliders!


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