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Kort and Falyn’s baby standard gray girl (#2)!

I HIGHLY recommend glider pets. They were very fast at getting back to me. I received my sugar glider, Tinkerbell, on August 17th. I ordered her the morning of August 16th. The first hour I had her, I was petting her already! By day 2 she would crawl around me in the bathtub! Day 3 I held her for the first time while she was sleeping! On day 4 I held her again and she fell asleep in my hair for 2 hours! She also started taking treats from my hand! Day 5 came and I could let her run around me and I could feed her out of my hand and pet her while she was on me and that day I picked her up in my hand while she was on me! Today is day 6 and she is thriving! We are already almost done with the bonding process! Thank you so much to glider pets for my amazing baby!
Date Added: 08/23/2017 by Haylee Roberts
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