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Indonesia Part 3

Merauke Caramel & Nabire White-Tip Sugar Gliders

After working with these beautiful sugar gliders for over a year now, we are about to offer the 1st babies for sale.

While working with the caramel sugar gliders, we have noticed that the temperament is much more docile than the standard grey joeys.  Also, they have a larger body structure and a much bushier tail which seems to us to resemble the squirrel gliders.

We believe here at S & S Exotic Animals, Inc. that these are the truest “Pocket Pet Gliders” out there!!

They love to be handled and hardly ever crab.  You can take a baby at 6 weeks that has never been touched and it will act like it has been handled since it has been “out of the pouch.”

They have the greatest disposition of any glider we have ever worked with.

We have been working hard on adding the caramel line into our various color variations.  This will not only be a beautiful glider but a big beautiful glider with an awesome disposition.

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